(Rooms + Space)

Rooms and additions should reflect the individuality of those who utilize them. Whether you’re an enthusiast in need of a space tailored to your specific needs, a trendsetter seeking the latest styles, or a parent craving additional living space in a bustling household, we specialize in crafting and constructing the extensions of your home to perfection. The process of designing a new room or space addition is akin to orchestrating a personalized masterpiece – a delicate balance of diverse preferences, requirements, and available resources, resulting in a beautiful and functional area that caters to the preferences of everyone in your household.

We prioritize not just the appearance but also the functionality of your new space. Our unique process places you at the center, ensuring your active participation and ultimate satisfaction with your tailor-made room or space addition. We'll be sure to bring your visions to life.

The Kleros Homes Guarantee

Embarking on an expansive room addition or space transformation is a distinctive journey towards enduring excellence. Crafting a personalized extension is about creating a space for lasting comfort and individual enjoyment, where each element reflects your distinctive style.

Recognizing the profound significance of additional rooms and versatile spaces, we prioritize keeping you well-informed and actively engaged throughout every stage of the transformation process. Because, in your home, these additions aren’t merely functional areas; they’re flexible havens for relaxation and personal expression.

Collaborating closely, we assist you in:

  1. Shaping and finalizing designs that mirror your lifestyle.
  2. Selecting materials, colors, finishes, and styles aligning with your taste.
  3. Crafting a plan that respects your schedule, time, and budget.
  4. Ensuring constant communication for transparent project updates.
  5. Bringing to life a stunning space that not only meets our high standards but exceeds your personal expectations.

Our Promise

Grounded in an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and superior building practices, our company ethos centers on the philosophy of “enduring elegance,” shaping every facet of our work. Our dedication to enduring quality drives us to prioritize the use of top-tier materials.

Reinforcing our commitment, Kleros Homes extends comprehensive complimentary inspections at each stage of the renovation and post-completion. Our steadfast dedication persists, ensuring enduring beauty and excellence in every project we undertake.